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First Responder Store: Tools for Emergency Responders

First Responder Store offers the emergency equipment needed by police officers, firefighters, and emergency response, EMS and paramedic teams. We offer first responder clothing, EMS gear, tactical gear, hi vis safety vests, and a wide range of hi visibility jackets perfect for EMTs and other law enforcement entities.


Warm weather makes a tough job tougher, and we have the cooling apparel to make it easier. Cooling vests are available as a phase change cooling vest or evaporative cooling vest. No cooling vest is quite like the circulatory cooling vest offered by Cool Shirt. The Cool Shirt Cooling Station is intended for first responders. It pumps ice cold water through the tubing in up to six cooling vests or Cool Shirt t-shirts. Just a few minutes with a Cool Shirt vest on can prevent first responders and firefighters from overheating.


Mesh safety vests that meet ANSI 207-2006 also help keep emergency response personnel cool. We have a large selection of Breakaway Hi Vis Vests intended for public safety workers. Our massive selection of hi vis safety vests includes police vests, fire vests, and high visibility safety vests for the general public.


We've also developed the Work Tuff Polar 8-in-1 hi vis bomber jacket, which can be worn in either ANSI Class 3 or ANSI Class 2 configurations. We also stock a large amount of 4-in-1, 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 reflective jackets.


Our extensive selection of 5.11 Tactical police jackets includes ANSI Class 3 rain coats, 3-in-1 reflective jackets and parkas, and ANSI 207-2006 public safety vests. Many of the responder jackets meet ASTM F1671 for resistance to bloodborne pathogens. If you're looking for top-of-the-line tactical gear, 511 Tactical is the choice. They produce the best tactical clothing and law enforcement jackets available for firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and other first responders.


The Helly Hansen Potsdam system is also ideal for those looking for an EMS jacket or first responder overalls. The Potsdam line meets ASTM F1671 and is one of the lower priced bloodborne resistant hi vis apparel options available. Quality EMS coats don't get much more affordable than the Helly Hansen Potsdam. Helly also offers an extensive line of rainwear. Helly Tech material by Helly Hansen is breathable but still protects against bloodborne pathogens. Impertech rain jackets and rain overalls are made of stretch polyurethane-coated polyester, and are ideal for first responders or active workers.


We're so particular about EMS jackets that we've created our own. The Hansen EMS Jacket was designed by an actual EMT. It's a reflective bomber jacket with a zip-out Thinsulate liner that has some cool bells and whistles (like mic tabs, a clear badge/ID pocket, and an oversized radio pocket) specifically for first responders.


Logos and Imprinting on Hi Vis Apparel

Municipalities, fire departments, and police departments have all used our imprinting, silkscreening and logo services to set themselves apart. No minimums are required for custom logo imprinting. Call us for more information about imprint services on hi vis jackets and vests.


Can't find what you're looking for? We represent hundreds of suppliers and not every product is found on this site. We welcome the opportunity to quote on your special request and find the exact product you need. Call us at 877-800-3723 for assistance.
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The Cold Shirt

  Hansen Class 3 EMS Responder Jacket
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